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Lessons in Failure - The Top 10 Ways to Ensure Your Search Marketing Strategy Sucks
We always amazed at the amount of effort people spend trying to trick or manipulate their positioning in search engines. People love to focus on the shortcuts to success and not on their website or the value their content provides to their audience. In the spirit of educating marketers about best practices, we present this list of ten things you can do to sabotage your search engine marketing project in no time at all.


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Invisible Text - You hid it so well! Your visitors might not have noticed, but all search engine crawlers have been trained to look for this obvious technique, last fashionable circa 1996. The search engines will likely penalize or remove your pages from their index for trying to sneak this by them. You can make this technique more effective if the invisible text has nothing to do with the content of the page it's on. You're kidding yourself if you think no one is going to notice.


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Frames - Frames went out of style about as fast as the 90's lasted being the environmental decade. Search engines don't like frames. Once they encounter a frame, they either stop because the frame doesn't give them anywhere else to go, or they find the pages beyond the frames and point people to it - which won't have the frames included with it. There's no need to use Frames and justify it by saying it will improve the user experience. If users can't find you or they find bits and pieces of you, how much have you really helped them? You'll be working around the frames issue until you build a new website.


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Why Be Original? - Why try to be unique, it's just too hard anyways? It sounds stupid, but it happens all the time. If you find something good on another site, just copying it and putting your links on the top doesn't make you a unique force on the Web. And how many shopping sites selling the exact same discounted goods are enough for the average Internet? In our book, the more sites you mirror, the less effective you'll be.


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Created by search engine optimization experts, this powerful shopping cart provides all the features offered by popular and successful e-commerce shopping carts but with more ground-breaking features! For only $69 a month


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Redirects - Come along friend, follow the bouncing links. You might be using redirects in your website to track clicks for advertising and to collect information about your site visitors. Your website may be indexed but you probably won't rank very well. The engines won't be able to see the relationships that exist between your web pages because the redirect code blocks their way, unlike direct text links. It's time to redirect your efforts elsewhere.


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Long URL's don't look attractive to people searching and the URL's contain calls to databases. Pointing the way for the search crawler into your database is a sure way to send them sniffing elsewhere. Obi-wan, paid inclusion is your only hope.


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URL's From Hell - They live. Dynamic shopping and e-commerce sites that use parameters and session ID's tend to create these quite nicely. If your website has URL's riddled with percent signs, question marks, Session ID's, and at least 3 Parameters, you're clogging up your hopes for search engine success. Are you jealous because your URL's aren't as long as they could be? You can tack on as many fake parameters to the end of a real URL as you like.
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