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The TRUE Search Engine Submission & Search Engine Optimization Strategies that fit!


It is close to impossible to drive any traffic to your site without having any help from the search engines, as they make up almost 85% of all web users.

The submission process is vital to your site being a successful one, and there are numerous steps to take before submitting to ensure that your site will be accepted into the search engine's database and will get quality rankings and traffic.

One of the first things to do is make that your site is fully functional. You would be surprised at how many sites are on the internet that are not, whether this means that they have broken links, missing pages, or the site is not-navigable. There are many tools to help you with this. One thing that should be on the top of your list is making sure you have your keywords, description, and title perfect. We produced a checklist from all of the search engines that helps us to make sure that your site is ready when we go to submit it to the search engines.

In addition to our search engine optimization programs, there are additional search engines that may provide a more targeted approach to a specific industry or desired audience.

This includes industry specific and international search engines and online business directories. We suggests that a business should consider registering with these more directed online promotional vehicles to increase exposure and response.

We include a pay inclusion with Inktomi Search Engines for free to all our engine optimization programs.
All major search engine we submit not with automated programs to all other search engine link sites and FFA site we using automated search engine submission tools.

There is no way to be sure a site has received your submission, unless you get a confirmation that the engine has spider your site. There is also a lot of talk in the search engine optimization industry concerning the use of automated programs and the search engines banning the sites that use them.



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We are not ready to take this risk for ourselves or for our clients. Our marketing team manually submits each page to each major search engine so nothing is left to chance.
Now that your site is functioning to the search engines tough standards, the next thing you want to do is submit to the major search engines and directories.


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