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  Internet Directory Submission
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The TRUE Internet Directory Submission & Manual Directory Submission Solution that fit!


Internet Directory SubmissionInternet Directory Submission  Internet Directory Submission
Online directories are similar to Yellow Pages except users rely on mouse rather than fingers to do the walking. These directories are essentially lists of member businesses offering various products and services to consumers. They enable users to find what they are looking by specific categories or keyword search. Search Engine Submission

Internet Directory Submission  25 Internet Directories Submission $999.00
Internet Directory Submission  50 Internet Directories Submission $1,799.00
Internet Directory Submission  75 Internet Directories Submission $2,499.00
Internet Directory Submission  100 Internet Directories Submission $2,999.00      

Directory links are permanent and paid in full for an entire year. We'll let you know the renewal fees when applicable, but those are a fraction of the price of monthly text link costs. Bottom line is we can save you time, money and ensure every detail is taken care of by experienced professionals. We will submit by hand your business into free and paid directories to the only the best directories. Search Engine Submission
  • Includes all signup and listing fees.
  • Meticulously written titles and descriptions utilizing top keyword phrases.
  • Research to ensure your site is submitted to the most appropriate category.
  • Monitor submission review and approval process.
  • Investigate and make necessary changes if your site is not initially accepted.

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    Internet Directory Submission  Value of Directory Submissions
  • Improve your web presence and exposure, increasing overall website visibility.
  • Google, Yahoo and MSN consider listings within quality directories as valid back links
  • Enhance link popularity score and overall prominence in search engine results.
  • Consumers peruse categories of interest, which increases clicks and conversions.
  • Search engines spiders will visit your site and index or re-index pages.
  • Higher rankings on the search engine results page for keywords you are targeting.
  • Increase number of relevant links pointing to your site.
  • Listings in many directories are considered permanent, one-way text links.
  • Online directory links hold a higher value than links from other websites.

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    Internet Directory Submission  Drilling Down To the Best Directories

     Considering a new directory appears on the landscape almost daily the grass can always appear greener on the other side. As a service to you, we took the time to evaluate more than 1,500 to provide our clients with the only the best directories. The final cut of 100 consists of only those that provide a useful vehicle to drive the most qualified traffic to your site. Some of the factors that we considered include:

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