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MSN Search Engine Optimization & MSN Search Engine Placement MSN Search Engine Optimization & MSN Search Engine Placement
 MSN Search Engine Placement

MSN - The Gateway to Online Search
MSN was the premier search engine before Google came along and stole the spotlight. The development of its own crawler-based technology has MSN eyeing the top spot again. Web page content, the number and quality of websites that link to your pages, and the relevance of your website's content to keywords are the critical points the MSN Search ranking algorithm. Of the three major search engines, MSN is probably the easiest for optimization.
Search Engine Optimization

MSN Search Engine Optimization MSN Search Engine Optimization
     MSN - $2000 set up with maintenance fee of $250 per month
MSN Search Engine Optimization Maximizing SEO on MSN
  • A holistic optimization strategy stressing most of the well known accepted SEO best practices techniques appears to be just what the doctor ordered for MSN.
  • Use only well-formed HTML code in your pages. Ensure that all tags are closed, and that all links function properly.
  • Create pages with meaningful content that draws the interest of the target audience. Relevance of theme and topic appears to be very important to MSN.
  • In the visible page text, include keywords that users will search for to find the information on your site. Pages should be sensible in size and stay on topic.
  • Keywords showing up in links and other tags are important factors to consider.
  • MSN Search places some importance on meta tags, title tag and header (hx) tags. Dusting off some meta tags appropriate for each page is beneficial.
  • Quantity is not valued as highly as the quality incoming links featuring keyword rich link anchor text.
  • Building up back-links is a great way to increase your MSN ranking.
  • URLs should be simple and static. Short URLs are easier for MSNBot to crawl and users to remember.
  • Add a site map that enables MSNBot to find all of your pages and Links embedded in menus, list boxes and similar elements with ease.
  • Make sure that each page is accessible by at least one static text link. Each page should only be one to three clicks away from the home page.

  •  MSN Here are some examples of negative SEO practices:  Search Engine Optimization

  • Stuffing pages with irrelevant words in an attempt to increase a page's keyword density is frowned upon. This includes stuffing ALT tags that users are unlikely to view.
  • There are also additional considerations for levels of on page keyword density that differ somewhat from Google.
  • MSNBot may not be able to index your site if it contains broken links, which means people may not be able to reach all of your pages.
  • Using hidden text or links and any practice that that artificially increases the number of links to your page, such as link farms.

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